Chiwawows NFT Launch

November 23, 2021

Company: Chiwawows


In a galaxy far, far, away there exists a tiny planet blessed with favourable living conditions settled by a curious breed of creatures known as Chiwawows. A collection of 7,500 NFT’s launching on Solana on November 23 at 4pm CET.

Backed by the Envoy company (, this project has an extremely experienced and talented team. Our creative team includes B.Earl – best known for his work with Marvel (and soon, Cartoon Network), and PitchParrotStudios who are crafting the story behind our upcoming animated ‘Chiwawows’ story. The trailer for the series is available here –

Those who mint one or more Chiwawows get access to our membership area where holders can access special and exclusive content related to the Chiwaverse. Holders will also have voting rights which will allow them to vote in the ever-unfolding animated series story. You decide how the story goes, and your Chiwawow might be featured in one too!

Added November 23, 2021