CloneVerse Presale

January 25, 2022

Company: CloneVerse


Join the main event of Polygon NFTs in 1Q 2022.
CloneVerse presale starts on January 25th, join DIscord to get your whitelist & join closed presale

CloneVerse is collection of 3,333 NFT clones based on polygon. Collection art is inspired by StartWars, Mass Effect & other best sci-fi universes.
You need at least 1 Clone to join p2e COIL mining game & 3D game that is coming on Q3 2022

The year is 2122. People who settled the distant planet CLOD_16 left it after the explosion of the hot star G2V. Only 3333 clones remained on the cooled planet. They were created for the production of COIL energy, which has become the main currency and a symbol of power. Start managing your squad of coil clone miners!

More than 100 traits give each of the 3333 CLONES NFT their unique identity. This is a long-term project aimed at creation of a large ecosystem and a strong community, staking COIL mining games, add-ons for CLONES, and CLONEWARS for a limited COIL resource in the future!

Added January 24, 2022