cMyGravez & cMyZombiez Drop

November 3, 2021

Company: CMYKatz

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cMyGravez & cMyZombiez is the SECOND expansion into the 100% On-Chain cMyKatz (1500Ξ+ Volume) ecosystem.

cMyZombiez will only be available through digging up a cMyGrave. cMyGravez will not cost any ETH but requires $MIECE, the utility token that powers the cMyKatz ecosystem! (Staked cMyKatz earn 1 $MIECE/day)

The first 1000 cMyGravez are very important. They can begin digging with no requirements but the remaining 3556 will require 2 cMyZombiez.
cMyGravez are burned once digging is completeled.

– can be sent on quests for tier upgrades
– can be sent to training to level-up
– can fight against other cMyZombiez to win $MIECE
– can be mutated for a chance at accessing a secret, hidden pool of mutated traits
– can be used to dig other cMyZombiez out of cMyGravez

Added November 1, 2021