Cocky Cockroaches Free* Mint

September 25, 2022

Company: Cocky Cockroaches

Price: 0.00

Supply: 8500


Cocky Cockroaches got to cocky, they thought they are the chosen species to survive any catastrophic event but then they randomly realized that they are not the only ones – Random Rats survive as well.
Randomly a cocky party and a great bromance has begun….

Cocky Cockroaches are the intersection between satire, culture and contemporary digital art. They should remind us that brain-numbing infotainment won’t save us from the fact that we are flying on a blue rock trough ever growing darkness into infinity. We must take good care about our blue planet otherwise the cockroaches and the rats are going to have a great party after us.

*Each holder of the rat keys (Random Rat holder) is entitled to mint a Cocky Cockroach for free. The price for the remained pieces is set to 0.009 ETH.

5000 Rat keys were sold out in under 20min and are distributed across 4600 unique wallets.

Added September 16, 2022