CogX Festival 2022 – London

June 13, 2022

Company: CogX

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CogX Festival is back for the sixth edition of its annual leadership and technology event. The world’s biggest and most inclusive festival of AI, blockchain, the metaverse and all the latest transformational technologies will be on June 13 – 15th.

Charlie Muirhead and Tabitha Goldstaub founded CogX in 2015. It brings together the world’s largest gathering of CEOs, entrepreneurs, academics, artists, activists and policymakers. These different sectors are working together to realize the biggest transformational opportunities of our time.

The event will showcase 1,000 speakers across 20 inspiring topics from leadership to ethics to health and our planet to a crowd of over 35,00 participants. In parallel, there will be 150 intimate side events with a broadcast scale reach of five million watching online. The flow of the events and speakers is still TBA but it will surely be as impressive as previous lineups.

CogX Festival: 10,000 Patron Tokens

So what will differentiate this year’s installment from the rest? Well, the team is launching 10,000 CogX Patron tokens. Proceeds from the sale will enable CogX to fund the festival in perpetuity.

Tokens will be available to individuals and organizations. Each Token owner will receive a unique personalized artwork. In addition, NFT holders will receive a Gold Festival Pass every year and year-round access to exclusive events. They will also have the ability to propose and vote on changes to the festival’s agenda, format and direction for years to come. Additionally, 10% of all sales will be donated to The UN Refugee Agency, Choose Love and UNICEF to assist Ukraine.

The first drop of 200 Founder Patron Tokens – which will have the highest level of owner benefits – is now live! You can purchase the tokens worth £2495 each through the website.

Added March 24, 2022