Collect-A-Ball Public Mint

January 7, 2022

Company: Collect-A-Ball NFT

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Collect-A-Ball NFT’s are 10,000 randomly generated NFT humanoid trainer balls with varying rarities that allow you access to a community of collectors!

Supply: 10,000
Mint Price: .08 ETH

Important Dates:
Presale (Whitelist) Mint Date: Jan 6th 2022
Public Mint Date: Jan 7th 2022
Art Reveal: Jan 8th 2022

Project Highlights:
? Brand Partner’s are bringing epic utility in holding a Collect A Ball NfT such as FREE entry to any Collect A Con show in 2022 across the entire US
? A community driven project with a lot of giveaways ?
? 1 ETH, 1 PS5, and 1 Iphone 13 at 10% MINTED!
? 15 Collect-A-Ball NFT’s swept off the floor and given away to randomly at 25% MINTED!
? $20k donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and a $5k donation to Sunny Patel’s “Pokemon Foundation” at 50% MINTED!
? Collect-A-Ball general merch and holder exclusive merch launches at 75% MINTED!
? Giveaway a PSA 10 Base Unlimited Charizard or 5 ETH to one of our holders!
? Amazing community and growing by the day!

Added November 30, 2021