Color Rings NFT

November 30, 2022

Company: Color Rings

Price: 0.005 ETH


We want to make NFTs at a cheap price and with the community. Because of this, everybody can create NFTs without MetaMask, gas fees, or anything after we sold 25%. But how this feature will work??? You can download the ring on our site, and then it’s your time!!! Create what you want and send it to our email with your wallet address. After that, we’ll upload your NFT on a special collection and send you 75 of the 100 NFTs to your wallet on Polygon. We will own the other 25 NFTs and sell them. The sales from our NFTs go to us. The sell from your go 100% to you (We won’t add a creator Fee)!!!

First of all: Who we are: I’m Fabian, the CEO of FF Productions. Alex is our Discord manager. If you have any questions, write him and he will help you as fast as possible. He’s also responsible for our promotions. Then is there Tom. Tom handles our TikTok account (Coming soon) and handles your support questions via email. But what’s our goal? Our goal is to make NFTs open to everyone without any gas. For that, we’re using the Polygon Chain and Opensea.

Charity: After each month we will first cover our costs and donate the rest to charity. For which organisation we spend can decide every Color Rings holder. On our website is an automatic tool installed, to check if you’re a proud owner of Color Rings.

Giveaway: We often make giveaways for Discord users and there we’ll announce this.

Here is a list of what we need money for:

Team: 50% Service of the servers: 10% further development: 20% That is 80%, but it depends on how much money we’ll make. E.g., with 100$ we can spend 20$. With 200$, we can spend 100$. The most important is to charge our costs.

Added November 17, 2022