Como Te Llamas Launch Day

March 25, 2022

Company: Como Te Llamas

Price: 1.5 SOL

Supply: 1111


Welcome to the Herd

A collection of 1,111 unique non-fungible tokens, comprised of 205+ possible traits, living on the Solana blockchain.

This is a project with purpose! We’re a group of friends who like to enjoy all that life has to offer and find fulfillment in the process.

We’ve realized the importance of having a place in which we can relax, have fun, and truly be ourselves. Our love for memes, messed-up humor, and a pinch of self-improvement, is what led us to this – The Como Te Llamas. They are a passport to a new community and life. But we are only at the beginning of our journey. Let’s see where this road takes us!

Added March 21, 2022