Copy Cats Drop

November 19, 2021

Company: CopyCats

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Who are we? 10,000 cats known for nothing. Failed business owners, jobless loafers, unfortunate artists, the poorest in the community. Every lowlife adjective you can think of describes them. Tired of being cast out and kicked in the mud, they envisioned a path to success and a way to finally live a life out of the gutter. One depressing morning, the cats awoke to the idea of copying the best of the best in society, to at long last be recognized in the world and become something of worth. Join the CopyCats’ journey in becoming the most revered and celebrated cats in the metaverse.

? NFT Drop Date: 11/19 11pm EST (New York).
? First Drop: 5000 NFT
? Pre-sale whitelist for Bored Ape, Metasaurs, Lazy Lions and The Doge Pound holders!

Added October 26, 2021