Corgi Club Drop

November 6, 2021

Company: Corgi Club


Mint Date: November 6, 8PM UTC

5,000 adorable corgis up for adoption.

Corgis, I mean just look at these boys. A most elite doggo, even the Queen of England reps these masterful pieces of canine evolution. Well, that’s how the team at Corgi Club feels. So much so that we decided to illustrate their floofy butts into an adorable collection of 5,000 hand drawn, Solana based NFTs.

Our team started working on Corgi Club when we noticed the supply and demand equation for NFTs was broken. That’s why we’ve allocated 90% of the royalties generated from secondary marketplace transactions to periodically sweep the floor of low cost corgis and lock them away in the Dog Pound forever.
Let’s stop those pesky paper hands from spoiling the club for everyone else!

Added October 27, 2021