Crack Cats Drop

January 26, 2022

Company: Crack Cats


About the project:
Hello and Welcome to the Crack Cats, a tribe of 1500 cats that are addicted to crack. Every Crack Cat is a unique hand drawn cat but they all have different levels of rarity. They live in the underworld, which is directly under the ground of the humans world. Crack Cats are the ruling species in the underground, because they smoke the magical crack every day. The Crack Cats are the only ones, that know how to manufacture the magic crack. All the other animals tried to steal the recipe but they always failed. The magical crack gives the cats the ability to read minds.


Free Mintpass: Crack Cats are coming with a free mintpass. That means you are entitled to claim NFTs from our future collection FOR FREE.

Member Lottery: As a holder you participate automatically in our Member Lottery. We will share more details soon. Stay tuned.

Metaverse: We are watching the development of PORTALS and SOLICE and will choose one of those projects to buy land and implement a space for the Crack Cats.

Merch: We will collaborate with famous clothing brands to drop an exlusive Crack Cats Merch for Crack Cats holder only.

Collaborations: We will collaborate with other NFT projects, celebrities and brands to get our community access to exclusive things.

Giveaways: The most active members of our community at the discord server will receive an extra Crack Cat NFT.

Added January 13, 2022