Crypto Chavez Drop

August 28, 2022

Company: Crypto Politicians

Price: 2 SOL

Supply: 2222

Source Link

An amazing collection of 2222 Crypto Chavez ready to shock the metaverse throught Solana!

20% of the incomes will be destinated to charity, helping children around the globe

Visit our official website and be one of us.


Each NFT class will have different prices according to the features it has

NFT level 1 (floor price): 3-5 SOL

NFT level 2 (floor price): 5-10 SOL

NFT level 3 (floor price): 10 or more SOL


06/10: Entrance to Solana’s network

06/13: 1st giveaway

06/24: Token announcement

06/31: Start of the treasure hunt

07/01: A new president is revealed

07/11: 2nd giveaway

07/25: Listing our collection in the Magic Eden Market Place

08/01: 3rd and last giveaway

08/28: Mint

By holding a Crypto Chavez, you’ll get a free amount of our tokens by the time it’s released and if you’re holding 2 or more Crypto Chavez, you’ll also have a free NFT of our next collection

The incomes of the proyect will be reinvested in the Crypto Politicians enviroment to bring new features to our community

This is not a Crypto Punk nor a Bored Ape

Added May 31, 2022