CryptoALH Drop

October 25, 2021

Company: Pelios

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Meet the fierce Pelios, they are crypto aliens from a mysterious universe with the sole mission of saving earth from our disgusting centralized world and pulverize all whales that get in their way. The initial trading cards collection consists of 56 Pelios and soon the rest of the army crew will join them.

We are in the year 2045, planet earth is hanging by a thread, calling for help to other living species in the outside world and luckily we achieved contact.

Little but fierce crypto aliens called “Pelios” from a non-identified galaxy crossed a wormhole from the future with the sole mission to protect us from the massive centralized institutions AKA “Whales” monstrous creatures that are sucking the lives of our earth’s civilians.

But now, our army of saviors are here and ready to take on the battle.

Added October 23, 2021