CryptoCunts Public Launch

December 22, 2021

Company: CryptoCunts


The CryptoCunts are a collection of 5000 uniquely generated Aussie bloke NFTs causing havoc on the polygon blockchain in the form of ERC-721 tokens. Programmatically generated from over 160 unique traits, These blokes embody Aussie culture in all its many forms.

Included in the collection are 100 rare 1/1 custom Genesis CryptoCunts! These Genesis NFTs are available to be won by early members and community supporters! We aim to use these to create amazing homages to Aussie culture and legends, and they also provide us with the opportunity to collaborate with other great projects!

Hosted on the Polygon chain, the CryptoCunts boast minimal gas fees, minimal environmental impact and lighting quick transaction speed when compared to main net Ethereum!

We are currently working on staking, with some fun staking rewards and mechanics already built into the contract.

We aim to make charitable donations to causes that affect Aussie blokes, discussions are currently being held in our Discord about which foundation we donate to.

Eventual integration into the metaverse is our big picture! We are in discussion with 3D modellers and rendering experts to make this a possibility.

With a thriving and wholesome community eager to get their hands on these blokes, you best try to mint one quick!

Added December 21, 2021