Cryptocurrency Degenerates Launch / Mint

July 1, 2022

Company: Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Project

Price: 10 USD\/USDC

Supply: 10000


The Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Project (CDGS) is a low-cost / low-risk investment that aims to deliver long-term utility benefits to NFT owners, through the ongoing establishment of partnerships (DeFi, Launch Discounts, Airdrop Incentives, Delegator Discounts, and it is hoped – off-chain benefits). All this while simultaneously helping selected individuals achieve a better quality of life through the self-reliance support program. 8000 of the 10 000 images will be sold and 2000 will be retained for use in establishing long-term utility benefits for owners.

I am originally form South Africa and about 6 years ago while visiting South Africa I
was overwhelmed with the poverty. Everywhere I went people asked me for money –
and seeing their desperation I helped as much as a I could – actually I gave too much
because it was difficult to say “NO” when I understood the desperation and the need.
At the time I formulated a desire to try and help selected individuals if ever it became
possible. What I mean by help is not give a handout because when you give a handout
another handout will be needed and another etc. Rather instead of giving people fish,
teach people to fish. My plan back then was to select individuals and assist them to do
something that would be life changing – something that would help them become selfreliant.
Self-reliance is an important principle for all people to live with dignity and
self-respect, as well as being able to live a good quality of life.
Going forward a few years up until around August 2021, I became very
interested in NFTs as I suppose many others did. At the time I had become
unemployed and was seriously considering studying through Anthony
Robbins to become a life coach – but the pull of the NFTs was very strong. I
decided that I wanted to create a collection. My plan at the time did not
extend further than creating a collection. I have no developer experience or
tech ability in that area. However, I began with a picture in my mind and after
many months succeeded in creating the collection.
1. Self Reliance :
While creating the collection it came to my mind to use a portion of the funds to help
selected individuals to become self-reliant. This could be by simply providing skills
training, for example, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, IT, etc., that would enable that
individual to have greater opportunity in life and become self-reliant. At the time I
lived in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) and I knew many honorable people who were like
street people who had a roof over their heads – I saw that many of them could benefit
from this kind of support and help. In every country in the world, you will find these
kinds of people. I understand very well what it is like because I never had an
opportunity either, (will not go into details) and it was only in my 40s that I managed
to study for a degree while working full time – this action changed my life for the
better. I now had the first purpose for the Crypto Degen NFT Art project.
2. NFT Owner Utility :
However, this would not be sufficient as I later discovered. The NFT needed
to have more utility and use. Thus, the second purpose came into being which
was to create long-term ongoing utility benefits for NFT owners. Utilities
such as Defi incentives, launch discounts, airdrops, delegator discounts, etc. I
also have it in my mind to create off-chain real-world benefits for the NFT
owners after the currently planned launch on the 30th of June.
The project can be described as a low-cost / low-risk investment that will
bring long-term utility benefits to NFT owners through the ongoing
establishment of partnerships, while simultaneously helping selected
individuals achieve a better quality of life by becoming self-reliant.

Added June 29, 2022