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CryptoHansClub Drop

January 28, 2022

Company: CryptoHansClub

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CHC – 7,777 unique CryptoHans horse who unite together on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The CryptoHans collection is not an automatically generated collection, each Hans is hand-assembled by artist Maya Delia, and that’s why the collection is very valuable and it has a lot of rare tokens.


1. We drop 100-300 NFT once every 7-10 days

2. The price of each new drop becomes higher

3. We conduct a raffle before each drop


1. The first drop – Sold Out (price 0.005 ETH)

2. The second drop is sold for 70% (price 0.02 ETH)

3. Third drop – launch date January 28, 7 p.m. CET (price 0.06 ETH)

At each significant stage of sales, a raffle of valuable prizes is held between Hans NFT holders, the final raffle will be a new Porsche Taykan.

Join our family in the early stages!

Added January 27, 2022