Cryptonauts Academy & Tiexo Marketplace

December 10, 2021

Company: Cryptonauts Academy NFTs

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Mint Date – December 10th, 2021 @ 12PM UTC Mint Price: 0.9 SOL for 4NFTs

“The Cryptonaut Cadets were scattered across the Metaverse when a wormhole destroyed their transport ship. Thousands escaped in emergency shuttles and were transported to alien worlds and uncharted territory. Radiation, time travel and treacherous extraterrestrial planets have mutated the Cryptonaut Academy Cadets into caricatures of what they once were.”

10,000 Cryptonaut Cadets will be available to mint on December 10th, 2021! In addition TIEXO has gone beyond normal expectations & is allowing members to mint 4 NFTs simultaneously for the price of 1! So for 0.9 SOL you’ll be getting 4 NFTs – 2 NFTs from two different NFT flagship collections. 2 NFTs from the well anticipated Cryptonaut collection & 2 NFTs from their Pixie Witches NFT collection!

In total there are 12 flagship collections being launched (each with different designs and art), 2 of which are being launched simultaneously this Friday. The remaining 10 flagship NFT collections will be launched down the line!

There are tons of utility & benefits associated with minting your own NFTs from TIEXO’s flagship collection; such as lifetime flagship royalties, lower transaction fees, automatic recurrent airdrops, and much more! Head over to the website/discord to learn more.

Along with the launch of The Cryptonaut Cadets & the Pixie Witches NFTs, TIEXO HQ has developed a cross chain NFT marketplace that serves to assist artists to get started on launching their very own NFT collection. Launching an NFT collection takes a ton of dedication & is very challenging. TIEXO HQ has provided a way to bridge this gap by developing the TIEXO marketplace; which will provide artists & newbies in the NFT space with a number of tools to get started on their NFT journey.

Added December 6, 2021