CryptoRobbers Club First Drop

December 22, 2021

Company: Crypto Robbers


Crypto Robbers is an Ultra HD collection of 6,500 unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.
All NFTs
? Let us tell you the story of those robbers wolves…

Ethereum has been created on earth on July 30, 2015, on the same date, an unknown species also makes its appearance: the Crypto Robbers.
Crypto Robbers are wolves born in the blockchain, they are computer bugs that feed on crypto currencies. Since then they have acquired a considerable fortune and incredible investment skills. They are today indebted to humanity because they exist thanks to them, they want today merged with humans. Their goal is to convert all humans to the use of cryptocurrencies to end the reign of private banking and upper class elitism by replacing it with a new elite based this time on hard work and merit.

? Pre-Sale : December 22th
⭐ Price : 0.08 ETH
? Where :

? Public sale 1 : December 28th
⭐ Price : 0.1 ETH
? Where :

? Public sale 2 : December 30th
⭐ Price : 0.12 ETH
? Where :

To enter the WL :
? Join Discord:
? Invite 12 people on Discord, invitations are tracked in real time.

Our team of marketing experts are now using the $185,000 budget to build an incredible community around the project. For information, in just two days the twitter hit 17K subscribers and the discord hit 7K.

? : Waste no more time and do the heist with us, join the CryptoRobbers community

Added December 13, 2021