Cyber Beast Social Club Drop

December 23, 2021



9,999 Cyber Beast Social Club members live on the ETH Blockchain as ERC-721 NFT Tokens.

Cyber Beast NFT owners co-own a NIGHTCLUB in the Metaverse, gain membership access to ALL the PHYSICAL Cyber Beast Social Club locations around the world, are invited to exclusive meetups and events, and most of all earn $REWARDS.

When you buy a CYBER BEAST, you’re NOT just simply buying an avatar or a rare piece of art.

Cyber Beasts are the ULTIMATE UTILITY NFT’s that can be STAKED to earn 10 $MOOLAH per day, plus be rewarded even more $MOOLAH from club earnings.

As time goes on the offerings and benefits will increase.

HODLERS are heavily rewarded.


The CYBER BEAST SOCIAL CLUB physical HQ location will officially open during the promotional phase of the project.

The club serves as the first of many locations across the globe.
The club is a 2 story, high tech, physical art gallery and event space located in New York City. This space will allow for the CYBER BEAST SOCIAL CLUB to be put on the map and become known to the WORLD.


Composed of 90,000 individual parcels of LAND, when you own a piece of real estate in Decentraland you are free to build a digital environment in line with your vision of the Metaverse.

Together, Cyber Beast NFT owners will collectively create and own a Decentraland NIGHT CLUB. The club will be decorated with luxury NFT art, feature the world’s top DJ’s, have a full NFT bar, have play to earn style games, and of course, a dance floor for people to mingle with each other.

Cyber Beast NFT owners get to enter for free, but non members have to pay to get in.

Cyber Beast owners are distributed their fair share of $MOOLAH based upon the number of beasts they own.

**__THE SPECS__**

Each CYBER BEAST is unique from over 145 possible hand-drawn traits some of which include expression, headwear, glasses and clothing. ALL beasts are cool AF, but some are more rare than others.

The Cyber Beasts are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Reveal on New Year’s Day.

Cyber Beasts are the definition of ULTIMATE UTILITY in which benefits increase over time.

We want you to be proud of the BEAST you own and flaunt it to the rest of the world. Hence, Cyber Beasts were created by hand with each and every brushstroke and detail taken into consideration

**__WTF is $MOOLAH..,? __**

$MOOLAH is the currency of the future, $MOOLAH cannot be created nor destroyed. The number of $MOOLAH will never be manipulated through burns and the supply will never increase therefore preventing inflation.

Owners receive $MOOLAH by staking their CYBER BEAST NFT, through raffles and giveaways and also from NIGHT CLUB EARNINGS. $MOOLAH is extremely valuable in both the physical and digital world, and as time goes on, $MOOLAH will only become even more valuable.

$MOOLAH is redeemable in the real world and the Metaverse: at restaurants, stores, online shops, clubs, bars, retail stores, art galleries, private events, and even music festivals. As time goes on, $MOOLAH will be accepted at more and more places. $MOOLAH is a medium of exchange, and will revolutionize what we think of currency today. $MOOLAH can be purchased on an exchange, and can also be rewarded.

Added December 16, 2021