Cyber Kidz Pre-sale

November 14, 2021

Company: Cyber Kidz


Incoming message to all Alpha-Degens, and Cybernauts! The Cyber Kidz legacy is unfolding, revealing an epic window of opportunity for our fellow Cyber heads to become part of a monumental New-Gen NFT community.

The dawn of the Cyber Kidz pre-sale is drawing near, with rewards and bonuses for those who partake in it.

Cyber Kidz NFT’s are not simply pieces of awesome artwork, but a digital key that unlocks an intricate cyberverse that bridges online VR/Desktop gaming with blockchain play to earn functionality.

Holders will be able to network and socialize whilst in the midst of darting about on HYPA-Hoverboards and HYPA-Bikes in the HYPA DEN, an online cyberverse room filled with cool activities, games, and play to earn features.

Cyber Kidz owners will be rewarded with $HYPA utility Tokens for every Cyber Kid they hold, holders can then burn these tokens in exchange for in-game items like skins, vehicles, and weaponry, character customization, or swap for other forms of cryptocurrencies like Solana.

Race on HYPA-Hoverboards and HYPA-Bikes in our play to earn video game Zetsu HypaRace, win $HYPA Token and stakable NFT’s that can also be used in-game
like our legendary Zetsu Hypa-Board NFT, with many more updates and features to come.

All pre-sale participants will mint at a 20% discount which will be 0.08 Sol, and be entered into our prize draws which include prizes like top-spec VR headsets/setups, NFT’s, and Solana. All participants must be whitelisted beforehand in order to gain minting access. Spaces are limited, however, if you cannot make it onto the pre-sale list, you can always snap yourself up a Cyber Kid at public launch!

The pre-sale will be on Sunday, Nov 14th 8 PM GMT.

The main launch will be on  Wednesday 21st Nov 8 PM GMT

Cyber Kidz will be launched on the Solana blockchain for the price of 0.08 Sol on pre-sale, and the price on public launch will be 1 Sol

Added November 4, 2021