Cyber Wave NFT Public Sale

January 26, 2022

Company: Cyber Wave


Welcome to Cyber Wave

Embrace your destiny by fighting against zombies, with humanity’s extinction on the line.

Cyber Waves is the best on-chain game on Solana. The Survivors is the collection to start the first of our many journeys. 8,888 full 3D, high-quality NFTs will be the key to starting our adventure ahead.

Choose your district and fight alongside your “Survivors” every night. Defend what’s yours and earn what you deserve.

Cyber Wave Story
It’s 2066. Zombie outbreaks have been occurring in the “Lower Zone”, where the poor used to strive but now it is getting even worse. The virus was about to spread out to every sector of the Lower Zone.
When there seemed to be no hope left for the Lower Zone, “The Survivors”, who were born immune from the virus, stood against the zombies, and started to rebuild the Lower Zone. They set up base camps and collected the weapons, determined to fight against death and build back society. Every night watching the zombie wave constantly rushing into the district, some started to call this place “Cyber Wave”.
Now there are only four districts that haven’t fallen into the Cyber Wave. And it is your choice which land to defend.
Added January 13, 2022