Cyberuum NFT Drop

December 10, 2021

Company: The Cyberuum

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The cyberuum are 300 unique digitally generated artwork. Our aim is to acquire land in the metaverse when sold out, and at least 100 owners for this project. This rare and limited collection grants holders access to community benefits. To maximize benefits to holders and investors, the Floor price would be set at 0.1ETH after 150 sold. For every 10 sold, one lucky holder gets a chance to win 1 SOL. Join the community!!!

1 holder gets a chance to WIN 1.5% of profit after 150 sold

1 Holder gets a chance to WIN 3% of Total profit when SOLD OUT

Price: Start @ 0.02ETH – 0.04ETH | 0.1ETH after 150 sold

Drop Date: December 10th

Added November 30, 2021