CyberZillaz Mint

July 11, 2022

Company: CyberZillaz Genesis

Price: 0.09 ETH

Supply: 2222

Source Link

CyberZillaz Genesis is a collection of 2222 Blockchain dwelling Titans. These 80 x 80 Finesse pixel art PFP NFTs will be the first CyberZillaz to be minted, with each granting its holder access to exclusive community voting rights, future NFT brands genesis drops, and whitelist mint passes for partner collaboration drops. Holders of the Genesis version will be granted access to exclusive rooms in the CyberZillaz™ Discord server. Within this collection there will also be 10 distinctive animated Legendary Genesis NFTs. The Genesis collection is the foundation for all projects that follow. In other words, you want to be holding one of these!

Added July 1, 2022