Dead Presidents Mint

November 19, 2021

Company: Dead Presidents - In Fiat We Trust


Dead Presidents – In Fiat We Trust – is a portrait collection of the fiat lords that grace the front of each inflationary US dollar printed and home of The Lords DAO. Money printer go BRRR… #HedgeWithNFTs

Why mint?
? Deflationary – The Undertaker will perform a weekly sweep of the floor and send any purchased Dead Presidents to the Crematorium to be burned forever (until 50% of mint has been burned)
? Collector Rewards – A collector reward exclusive Jefferson, specific to each rarity level, will be airdropped to each wallet that collects a complete set for a rarity level
⚜️ The Lords DAO – A portion of ongoing marketplace royalties will be allocated to this small, community-oriented DAO
? Fully doxxed team
? Low supply (600) and value pricing (0.4 SOL)

Added November 12, 2021