Dead Protest Society NFT Drop

November 24, 2021

Company: DeadProtestSociety


Dead Protest Society is a collection of 8,888 unique hand drawn protesters by @PSSYPPL PSSYPPL aka Jin is a infamous underground artist who is notarised by his politically charged artworks taking aim at the Military government in Thailand. He has been compared to the likes of Shepard Fairey & Banksy and it’s hard to disagree.

We have gathered a team of Marketers / Coders / Community managers to work with Jin to create Dead Protest Society NFT’s not only to be artistically appealing but to have utility in future projects and functionality from things such as a DAO which is used to acquire undiscovered unique art curated by our artists which is then Airdropped to holders, to 3D resin models on our upcoming project, Apparel, share of royalties shared to NFT holders and more -> DAO -> Whitelist for next 3D project utility -> Airdropping seasonal NFT’s to holders -> Airdropping unique 1:1 pieces to whitelist holders -> Airdropping unique 1:1 pieces + any art pieces curated by our artist ongoing from DAO money -> Invite competition for Free NFT’s -> Royalty share payout to holders of NFT

Added November 8, 2021