NFT Evening

DeFi Tribe Mint

July 20, 2023

Company: DeFi Tribe

Price: 1 SOL

Supply: 3500


DeFi Tribe is developing an immersive Game-Fi platform that combines decentralized finance with captivating gaming experiences.

Holders of DeFi Tribe Warriors NFTs gain exclusive access to a captivating Game-Fi experience. They can train warriors, engage in battles, and own virtual tribe within the game. Additionally, the DeFi Tribe Game-Fi platform introduces a unique “Use-2-Earn” points system. This system rewards all users, including both the general public and NFT holders, with points that can be utilized for limited traits or items and game updates available in the platform’s store.

To ensure the security of user assets, the platform incorporates advanced security measures like smart contracts and undergoes regular security audits. This commitment to security ensures a safe experience for all participants.

Added July 12, 2023