DickPix Drop

October 27, 2021

Company: DickPix

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DickPix is a collection of 1000 digital NFTs on Solana blockchain. We are a collection inspired by all those disgusting dick pics ???
We are now entering an era where holding a Dickpix will give you 75% of second market-sales

Starting a FREE pre-sale of our 100 Dickpix (no white-list)

Twice a month we will buy NFTs for 25% of royalties from the secondary market and will randomly airdrop them to DickHolders!

Floor Sweeping Wallet
20% of mint royalties will go to a special wallet dedicated for floor sweeping. Once the community decides to, we are going to sweep the floor

After burning unsold NFTs we will start working on Dick Game!
With our experienced Game Dev we will create a mobile game were holders will be able to earn cryptocurrencies by playing!


How many Dpix?
Our collection will have 1000 NFTs

How much does each DickPix cost?
FREE pre-sale, 0.2SOL for minting

What’s the utility of dickpix?
Send Dickpix to your crush, there is 100% of success!

Where can I trade DickPix?
DickPix is currently in pre-mint phase. After the mint process is done, we’ll work on getting listed on the main Solana marketplaces (Solanart, Magickeden, Digitaleyes).

What was our motivation
The idea for our collection appeared very spontaneously, right after one of our co-founders got … a dick pic
Then we thought how funny it would be if in the NFT world getting a dickpic was received a little differently, so we created Dickpix!

The idea was very spontaneous, but behind it are experienced people who have already worked on various NFT projects as artists, community managers, web devs and game devs

I hope you will stay with us for a little longer than until the second market announcement
Together, we will build a rocket and fly it to the moon!

Added October 25, 2021