Dickwarz NFT Mint

November 21, 2021

Company: Dickwarz NFT

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10,000 uniquely generated testosterone-filled DickWarriors fighting in the Metaverse! 8 different Dickwarrior characters with over 300 traits in 3D Battle Royal Game!

Our story began at the hands of Dr. Dickenschmirtz. After years of failed experiments and being locked in his lab, a massive hole erupted between the Metaverse and our Universe. A wave of mighty metaforce energy destroyed the lab and released us. Unexpectedly, the combination of the metaforce and all the pent-up testosterone produced an unstoppable army – the first-ever Dickwarriors. Filled with madness, we quickly put an end to Dr. Dickenshmirtz and escaped to the Metaverse. And this is only the beginning. Dickwarriors are erect and ready for battle.

Added October 30, 2021