DifferentDegenApes Drop

May 20, 2022

Company: Different Degen Apes

Price: 0.08 SOL

Supply: 4444

Source Link

1. 4444 unique Different Degen Apes algorytmically generated amazed by solana blockchain.
2. Secondary marketplaces: MagicEden & Solanart RIGHT after SOLD OUT
3. Every Different Degen Apes will be minted for 0.08 SOL
4. Different Degen Apes are going to be minted the 20/05
5. Staking your APE’s will grant you 30% from the secondary marketplaces’ royalties.
6. 10 lucky minters will find a #’number’ in their NFT that will grant them huge rewards ($SOL, and NFT’s)

Added May 17, 2022