Digi Caps | 25 Crypto Caps Dropping

January 26, 2022

Company: Digi Caps


Digi Caps are a collection of digital NFT bottle caps from The Dreadlands, a post-apocalyptic world decimated by a catastrophic meteor strike.

The project is gaining a lot of popularity now with Paris Hilton on board and a Crypto Cap owner herself!

The Crypto Cap Collection now stands at 300/999 Bottle Caps released, with 25 more coming out this week!

This unique project boasts an original idea that no other project can compare. We have an incredible roadmap planned out and some great perks for cap holders.

With every cap purchased from the Crypto Cap Collection, you get a free undercap NFT with added bonuses.
You will also get a free avatar mint before release of the 9,999 Digi Caps Raiders collection. Website membership is being worked on and is planned for release when 100 caps are sold, which is close!

Visit our website and join us in the Bar & Chill to see why you shouldn’t miss out on this project!

Added January 20, 2022