Divine Birds Drop

November 24, 2021

Company: Divine Birds


You’ve landed yourself in a new reality of 4,444 Divine Birds. The birds are split between 4 factions and were given birth by the almighty God “Zeus”. Everyone that has been given birth to the land of Olympus was reincarnated from their previous lives to become a part of a faction. Between the 4 factions, there are the four elements that bring peace to Olympus when cooperating; Zeus, Prometheus, Poseidon, and Boreus. Each faction has its own ability and skill set which correlate with its respective element.

Mint to choose your faction and join the Diviners! Help unite the factions as one. Or fight other factions in games TBD. You will also be selected to be rebirthed as either a deity, commander, or soldier. Your contribution is required in order to maintain peace and prosperity within the divine land of Olympus. Hit the mint by accepting the terms of “Zeus” and become a diviner!

Added November 18, 2021