Divvian NFT Launch

November 15, 2021

Company: Divvy


Divvy is a permissionless, decentralized betting protocol that’s bridging the world of Defi and gambling to allow anyone to partake as The House. By utilizing blockchain technologies, Divvy will redefine the way people bet and interact with sportsbooks and casinos around the world.

Divvians will be a major part of the Divvy offerings and will serve both as the face of Divvy branding and have utility within Metaverse as avatars, fight-night fighters, and more. Players will be able to pit their fighter against others in sparring matches where spectators can bet just like a real fight. Winners get part of the purse. Divvian owners can also collect sets of NFTs to unlock powerful benefits such as a direct cut from all House proceeds. Many more exciting plans, features, and benefits can be found on our site!

Added October 27, 2021