Dodger NFT Whitelist Presale

May 25, 2022

Company: Dodger NFT & Metaverse

Price: 0.07 ETH

Supply: 8888


Dodger NFT & Metaverse is a PFP NFT project driven by a skilled and professional team, saturated roadmap, clear vision and strong utility. Total supply of 8888 Dodgers are minted on Ethereum Blockchain.

There are two sides of the project:

– From one side Dodger is cool PFP art with a handsome, bright and unforgettable image. Dodgers have 5 unique emotions, they can wear 8 different traditional hats, 5 amazing suits, 2 types of sunglasses, moustache and earrings. Holders are able to choose out of 5 backgrounds of lovely images.

– From the other side, Dodger is a profitable security and a payment card. Each Dodger holder according to the projects Tokenomics is a legit shareholder of all Dodger’s Business Ecosystem, which are Dodger NFT Marketplace, “Dodger Machine” (paid tool for NFT artists) and Dodger Metaverse (Decentralised Online Portal). 80% of the income will be distributed to Dodger holders automatically by a smart contract.

Dodger Tokenomics:

There are 4 different economic levels of Dodgers. They differ by special bages, minting price, emission and value of a share in Dodger’s business:

– Lucky Dodgers. The most popular Dodger level having emission of 4300 NFTs will cost 0,033 ETH each and will bring to its owner 0,005% of business share.
– Advanced Dodger is the second level with 2500 NFTs supply. Mint price is 0,053 ETH. Each Advanced Dodger is a shareholder of 0,008% share in all Dodgers business ecosystem.
– Golden Dodger. 1700 NFTs for 0,074 ETH each will pay to its owner 0,012% business share.
– Magic Dodger. The most rare one. Only 388 NFTs are available for 0,289 ETH each. Magic Dodger’s holders are owners of 0,052% business share.

Limited quantity of Dodger NFTs will be dropped for whitelist presale with 20% discount on 25 of May 2022.

Added April 25, 2022