Don Flamingo Drop

November 5, 2021

Company: Flamingo Mafia Family

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Exclusive 20 NFTs Drop – 0.025 ETH per NFT!

The Flamingo Mafia Family is a collection of 10,101 unique NFT collectible Flamingos living on the ERC-721 Polygon blockchain. Each Flamingo was generated from over 140 different traits, including hats, hair, expressions, tattoos, clothes & more. All Flamingos are unique, with some being rarer than the rest.

Why is it worth being part of the Flamingo Mafia Family?
100 Random flamingo holders get 25% of the secondary sales fees collected on OpenSea., every 1st day of the new month.
Egg airdrops for the Flamingo Mafia Family community.
Holding Flamingos grants you 100% creative and commercial rights.
Flamingos are built on the Polygon Network so gas fees are incredibly small!

Added October 28, 2021