Doodle Dogs Mint

December 9, 2021

Company: Doodle Dogs NFT

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Doodle Dogs is a collection of 9,999 cute little doggos living on the Ethereum blockchain. These dogs are composed of a variety of hand-drawn traits randomly assigned together and generated through a computer program. Doodle Dogs NFT aims to grow completely organically (no paid marketing) while focusing on rewarding its community first and foremost.

Owning a Doodle Dog is not only rewarding because you have a new, cute best friend in your wallet, but also because it gives you access to community events which includes giveaways, airdrops, and much more. Doodle Dogs aims to be primarily community driven, which means that its owners will play a big role in deciding the future of the project. Alongside this, Doodle Dogs was created with the intention of giving back. Therefore, a portion of all funds raised will be used to directly support a few hand-picked “no-kill” animal shelters in the United States. The Doodle Dogs team is excited for the journey ahead and is committed to providing quality to its community over anything else.

Each year, approximately 390,000 dogs are euthanized in U.S animal shelters ( The main reasons for euthanizing animals vary from illnesses, aggressive behavior, and overpopulation; it is our belief that many of these animals – if provided enough resources and care – would be able to survive and live out happy lives. It is for this reason that 5% of all funds raised from our mint will be going directly to “no-kill” animal shelters. These shelters will be hand picked and properly vetted to ensure correct usage of funds. We will also be keeping in touch with the shelter(s) to provide updates on the animals saved to our community. Doodle Dogs NFT is on a mission to literally save doggo lives!

There will be a total of 9,999 Doodle Dogs NFTs created. 100 will be reserved to the community wallet for promotional giveaways, the team, and people who helped along the way.

Added December 6, 2021