Drip or Drown Drop

November 7, 2021

Company: Drip or Drown


Sometime around when the pyramids were erected, the City of Atlantis rumbled up from the depths. It was a utopian archipelago of mermaids, mermen, sea life, and open-minded explorers who’d gotten lost but dug the vibe. Thanks to enigmatic technology eons ahead of its time, humanity and sea life were able to communicate with one another. For a brief moment, unity between the bipeds and the legless seemed feasible.

With ocean temperatures rising, the threat of extinction looming, and enemy commercial fishing nets around every corner, restoring balance and revitalizing the glory of Atlantis rests on the dorsal fins of 4,444 legendary dolphins. It’s up to them to revitalize their home, lest they succumb to the same untimely fate as the once-proud merpeople.

Will they drip? Or will they drown?

Added November 1, 2021