Droll Dinos 2° Mint Phase

July 30, 2022

Company: Droll Dinos

Price: 0.012 ETH

Supply: 4055


Welcome to your journey back to a world long gone through an incredible collection, stored directly on ETH chain, created by the youngest girl in the NFT world, little 6-year-old Virginia.

Virginia spent more than two months drawing pixel by pixel all the funny traits that characterize these cute Dino pixels.

DrollDino is perhaps one of the few fully legit and doxxed projects with one of the most exciting road maps of the moment, don’t miss our instant lottery system with scratch cards and all other benefits.

in addition, our project will return to the community more than 20% of the mint harvest and more than 40% of sales in the secondary market.

PS: inside our project has joined one BAYC holder….So mint you DInos and dont miss this chance.

Added July 18, 2022