E.K.K.O Drop

November 1, 2021

Company: E.K.K.O Academy

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5555 algorithmically generated characters, will launch on the 1st of November, with the presale being on the 25th of October. E.K.K.O Academy is a story-based and heavily community-focused NFT project.

Our goal is to develop our lore and future drops, in collaboration with our holders. 10% of launch sales + 100% of secondary sale royalties, will be added to our “Community Vault”. Everyone holding at least 1 E.K.K.O, can add their own idea to what the money should be spent on.

Each month, the community will vote on which idea should win. Each E.K.K.O will cost 0.055 ETH + gas to mint. Our whitelist is raffle-based, and everyone can sign up until the 18th of October, for a chance to be selected.

Added October 21, 2021