November 20, 2021


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The goal of our project will always be to produce top-quality content.

The very first step is creating our NFT EGGTOMATON collection of top-tier quality.

A good chunk of our initial sales will go back to the community – either via community wallet, charity, giveaways, community projects, etc – we will always work hand-in-hand with our core community. The rest of the funds will be used to widen the scope of our project, expand the team and take on more workload. Our intentions are not and never will be to get rich overnight – but to build a legacy. We will spare no expense to make this a reality – both for us and our community.

In the upcoming months, we will be collaborating with the various artist for unique 1/1 pieces, flexing our collaboration with a known writer and releasing the rest of our Sci-Fi Origin series novels (7 total), we will release companion drops for EGGTOMATON owners, launch EGGTOMATON v1 token with tangible utility, open both physical and digital merch store – all leading up to contacting video game development studious using ZeeZee.eth’s established connection. Our top goal is to make EGGTOMATONS a successful, long-term project raised around our core community – with the final intention of making a revolution in NFT P2E (play to earn) games with our upcoming releases.

Added October 21, 2021