Emgram Mint

January 15, 2023


Price: 5 SOL

Supply: 5555


We are a project that will build an online store and help other NFT projects create, produce, distribute and market their own merchandises!

This way we will connect the NFT and fashion world together as well as promote your project outside of the digital space.
Our webshop will not only let the projects make sales with our Q-Products, but also explain what their project really is about to the people, who do have and don’t have any knowledge about NFT’s! (Explanation Video)

We’re delighted to have you join us! Be a part of something great and earn PASSIVE-INCOME while holding our NFT. This is our thank you for the trust and help you will give.

Our Holders UTILITY: NET INCOMES 35% OF what we make from the Collection we develope/create, produce, online marketing and distribute! goes back to the community.

Added November 16, 2022