EndangeredSounds Drop

October 31, 2021

Company: EndangeredSounds

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Immortalizing meaningful audio as Soundprint NFTs on the Solana blockchain

Our Origins

No sound is more meaningful than the dwindling cries of endangered animals. That is why our genesis project will immortalize their calls through our audio-visual Soundprints and aims to ensure these are not their last.

This project will raise awareness and funds for animal conservation with $200K from the mint and 50% of ongoing royalties being donated. We have partnered with the African Conservation Foundation for this genesis and beyond.

Each NFT consists of a unique call that is algorithmically spliced using field recordings from the BBC. These calls are visualized as a circular spectrogram, capturing their essence in a Soundprint.

Each Soundprint will act as a key to access our vision project.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a custom audio-visualizing NFT creation service allowing anyone’s meaningful audio to be immortalized as a Soundprint.

We envisage people capturing their wedding vows, baby’s first laugh or even just an inside joke as a permanent Soundprint which they can send to loved ones or hang on their walls.

Added October 25, 2021