EntWorld.wtf Drop

June 24, 2022

Company: EntWorld.wtf

Price: 0.005 ETH

Supply: 10500

Source Link

The Ents are coming.
No Utility. No Roadmap. No Discord.
Just crushed goblins.

Mint on June 24th (9AM EDT)
🚨10,500 NFTs
🚨500 Reserved
🚨1,000 Mint Free
🚨9,000 Mint at 0.005 ETH

The limit is 10 NFTs per transaction. CC0 License.

Ents are not trees. They shepherd the trees. The art is based on this mythology.

Hundreds of traits were used to generate the 10,500 NFT collection, using the HashLips art engine. A minting link will be provided on the website. Always use a burner wallet to be safe, but a link to directly interact with the smart contract will be provided on the website. Again, there is no utility. Just a desire to take the goblins down a peg.

Added June 21, 2022