Epic Elephants Squad Free Minting

February 22, 2022

Company: Epic Elephants Squad


Epic Elephants is happy to announce the launch of their NFT collection. The Epic Elephants is a collection of 4,000 elephants stored on the Ethereum blockchain as the Epic Elephants Squad. The launch will begin on February 22, 2022, and the aim is to gather a community of people ready to help animal charities across the globe. A significant portion of the earnings from the NFT sales will go towards these charities.

The Epic Elephant collection allows persons to mint the NFTs for free. This means they can connect to the Epic Elephant website and redeem up to 5 NFTs for free. They will only need to cover the gas fee on the Ethereum blockchain.

The thousands of Epic Elephants are all excellent art pieces, designed with much creativity and patience. Each Epic Elephants NFT is unique, and some are even rarer than the others. The Epic Elephants include traits such as laser, gold skin, and cyborg. These variations all help to give them different rarity scores. Their different strengths and uniqueness help them to stand out in the community. When the Elephant’s features are combined, their total rarity score and the overall rarity tier are increased.

Persons interested in buying the NFTs can connect their MetaMask wallet to the Epic Elephants website. Once they are all claimed, they will become available on its secondary market, OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace on the internet.

Epic Elephants is an NFT that caters to the wellbeing of the environment. With animals worldwide continuously facing ill-treatment and neglect, Epic Elephants is happy to be sharing their profits to support animal care and protection efforts. They will donate 20% of the revenue from secondary sales royalties to an animal charity. The community members will vote to determine the particular charity that will get the funds.

Epic Elephants NFT owners will have access to benefits such as IRL (In Real Life) events and merchandise, plus limited and special editions of the NFTs. The other benefits of the Epic Elephants will be outlined in Road Map 2.0. These include a minting pass for every Epic Elephants NFT owner. The minting pass will allow owners to mint new NFTs for free and choose from two new soon-to-be-launched collections that will be released with two new animals.

The founder of Epic Elephants is Barteu, a popular Paris-based artist who actively engages in the NFT community and has gained much popularity in the NFT world for his Barteu NFT collection, a collection of performance art found on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Epic Elephants community comprises many NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and artists from all over the world. More people continue to join the Epic Elephants community with a mutual dedication to the mission of animal protection.

To learn more about the Epic Elephants NFT, visit our website.

Added February 16, 2022