ETH New York 2022 – New York

June 23, 2022

Company: Solidity Developer

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ETH New York is an upcoming conference where the Ethereum Blockchain, Web3, NFTs as well as other new possibilities are discussed. It helps bridge the gap between the legacy financial system and the nascent world of digital assets. ETH New York 2022 - New York

ETH Conference in New York 2022
Image Credit: CoinDesk

When and Where

ETH New York will be running from the 23rd of June, 2022 to the 25th of June, 2022 in New York, US. Basically, join us for more face-to-face conversations with the world’s leading blockchain builders. More hands-on learning from the technologists makes Ethereum 2.0 a reality. It also includes more genuine connections with the global community that make up the decentralization movement.

ETH New York Registration Details

The registration for the conference is ongoing on the website. Additionally, ETHNewYork is your opportunity to work alongside the developers, industry experts, advisers, and companies who are making the infrastructure and applications that will power Open Finance and the new decentralized web. Join 500 attendees at the biggest Ethereum hackathon ever held in New York, and show the world that our developer community is still here #BUIDLING.

Location: New York, US
Number of Attendees: 400+
Ticket Prices: TBA
Participants, Speakers, Panelists: This includes top developers and artists as well as CEOs and Founders of various organizations.

Added March 25, 2022