Evaverse Wonderland

December 24, 2021

Company: Evaverse

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Evaverse Wonderland is the very first-holiday event within the Evaverse video game, a multiplayer social NFT game currently on Steam. All players are invited to participate in the event by creating a free Steam and Evaverse account and downloading the game. Please see the getting started guide for download instructions.

The holiday event introduces a brand new play-to-earn ticket system that rewards all players with seasonal tickets for participating in the game. Once 500 Wonderland Tickets are acquired, a random NFT from the holiday collection is automatically airdropped to players from the Wonderland Gear Collection on Polygon Network.

The Evaverse Wonderland Gear NFT Collection consists of 1,000 unique 1/1 wearable holiday gear for Evaverse game avatars. The collection consists of Snowflakes, Candy Canes, Gingerbread Men, and Halos.

Added December 24, 2021