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Evertwine NFT drop

October 25, 2023

Company: Evertwine Card Pack

Price: 100 Matic

Supply: 10000


Evertwine is a blockchain card trading game that features :

Player vs Player Mode
Single Player Campaigns and Quick Battles
Game Marketplace
Free Tournaments and Leaderboards
Sustainable game economy
Seasonal updates

Evertwine is the perfect match for the implementation of NFTs in form of Card Packs. The decentralized nature of the project will foster a natural balancing of the market value of such NFT Card Packs incentivizing early adoption while NFT technology itself warrants uniqueness and ownership.

With Evertwine Card Pack you can play for fun or play to compete. But, in both cases you will be able to earn up to 5x on your investment in first month”

Added October 19, 2023