NFT Evening


September 22, 2023

Company: Famtoon: Episode I

Price: 0.5 SOL

Supply: 1035


The FAMTOON: Episode I is a collection of 1,036 star characters, which consists of 3 types: actors, singers and politicians. If you like toon and fam collect more Famtoon cards and have fun! The NFT characters from the Episode I will be presented and used in a colorful, fast-paced strategy card game where you can battle each other.

The collection contains famous people from different fields of activity. A board game is being created that will use cards created 1 for 1 from our NFT collection.

Each NFT holder from the collection will be whitelisted and will receive project tokens for free. Stealth launch will take place after the entire collection has been sold. The interaction of NFT and fan token will give a good boost to the growth of the entire platform.

Over time, the collection will be expanded across different chains and NFT holders on one chain will be able to receive new NFTs on another chain for free. This step will increase the recognition and value of the entire project and the collection in particular.

We will create a digital entertainment platform built on top of Famtoon. The virtual world will have many recognizable characters and interesting battles. Who is stronger, your favorite actor or politician? Who knows..

Added September 22, 2023