Faneckt Launch

November 10, 2021

Company: Faneckt - New Gas Free NFT Marketplace


**New NFT Marketplace Coming Soon**

– No Gas Fees
– No Listing Fees
– A Marketplace That Gives Back To It’s Creators
– We plan to give 25% of our profits every month in the marketplace back to the Faneckt community.

Our pledge to you for helping us reach our goal by donating to us will be our UniCat Faneckt NFT. It will only be available to those that have donated. All copies will be computer generated after our goal has been achieved.

You will be sent your Faneckt UniCat when our Marketplace goes live, theses NFTs will be the first to be minted on the site.

Winners will be chosen at random. Invite your friends in the NFT community and have a chance of winning a free Faneckt UniCat on launch day.

Stay tuned for further giveaways in the form of ETH.

**Launch : TBD**

Added November 10, 2021