Fate 12 Pre-sale

June 29, 2022

Company: Fate 12

Price: 0.15 ETH

Supply: 10000


Inspired by the zodiac sign, Fate 12 NFT is planned to release 12 different collections with the Fate Tiger at the first. There will only be 10,000 limited supplies of Fate Tiger with numerous type of tigers and style. The owners of the NFT will automatically own a VIP pass to access our Play & Earn game with special access to our community activities.
Other than creating NFTs that capture people’s heart, the Fate NFT team also aim to curate a strong community for all the Fate NFT art lovers to gather and celebrate the rise of metaverse and digital art space.
Project Info and Utility:

Best Play & Earn Game Utilities
Double income (NFT + Play & Earn Game)
Experienced Team
All holders get a VIP access to our Play & Earn Game.
Exclusive Access to our club activities.
Holders Win ETH, NFTs, Vacations, Merch.
Lots more..

Added June 1, 2022