Foreign Fuels NFT Drop

October 31, 2021

Company: Foreign Fuels

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Foreign Fuels is an NFT collection where holders earn passive income and win money by racing in our racing game. Holders gain access to our exclusive giveaways, where we’ll give away 4 IRL cars!

We’re a community dedicated to bringing together those who love cars and NFTs. We’ll have 8000 unique NFT cars based in the 1990s (Foreigns) and their paired NFTs where they’ll race in a city where anything goes. Upgrades? Of course we are going to have upgrades, we are car enthusiasts after all. You’ll receive $GAS tokens as holders, allowing you to purchase that turbo or paint job you needed for the next race. GEN2? We may be building something in the garage but you’ll wanna hold onto your GEN1 Cars, they might have an edge in the race.

Added October 17, 2021